Media y New Media Literacies

Listado de artículos presentados en el congreso Media, Communication and Humanity 2008 sobre las siguientes líneas de trabajo:

Communication and Difference
Democracy, Politics and Journalism Ethics
Globalisation and Comparative Studies
Innovation, Governance and Policy
Media and New Media Literacies

Media and New Media Literacies

John Hartley YouTube, Digital Literacy and the Growth of Knowledge
Prof. James Lull and

Prof. Eduardo Neiva

Communicating Change: The promise of human evolution
Krystina S. Madej Enculturation: Loss of story content and experience in the move from print to digital
Dr. Helen Manchester Contradictions in Learning Through Community Media Learning Projects
Dr. Glòria Munilla The School as a Media Between Heritage and Formal Education. A reception study in urban and rural schools in Catalonia through the scientific heritage
Brian O’Neill Media Literacy and the Public Sphere: Contexts for public media literacy promotion in Ireland
Dan Perkel and

Becky Herr-Stephenson

Peer Pedagogy in an Interest-Driven Community: The practices and problems of online tutorials
Toshie Takahashi Mobile Phones and Social Networking Sites: Digital Natives‘ Engagement with Media in Everyday Life in Japan
Prof. Sara Thornton Nineteenth-Century Media Interpellations: Participatory architectures and the survival of the self
Zhang Yan-qui Media Literacy: An aim or an approach?

Communication and Difference

Bibi van den Berg I-Object: Intimate technologies as ‘reference groups’ in the construction of identities
Bolette B. Blaagaard Identifying a Journalism of Difference: Rethinking journalistic subjectivities and objectivities in the USVI
Sharon Fain Celebrities, Poverty and the Mediapolis: A Case Study of the ONE Campaign
Gordon Gow Encouraging Local Risk Knowledge through Open Standards: Common Alerting Protocol and the future of tsunami warning in Sri Lanka
Maggie Ibrahim Rebel Voices & Radio Actors: In pursuit of dialogue and debate
Yuri Misnikov Civic Engagement in the Digitally-Mediated Political Debate: A democratization perspective
Jonathan Corpus Ong The Cosmopolitan Continuum: Locating cosmopolitanism in media and cultural studies
Maiko Sawada The Myth of Homogeneity: Japanese media and the Chinese diaspora in Japan
Liza Tsaliki ‘How does the word Albanian make you feel?’ A case study in the presentation of the Albanian ethnic minority within the Greek media

Democracy, Politics and Journalism Ethics

Tina Askanius Cosmopolitan Dispositions in Transnational Political Resistance
Göran Bolin Television Journalism, Politics & Entertainment: Power and autonomy in the field of television journalism
Benjamin De Cleen Popular Artists and Extreme Right Politics. A discourse-theoretical analysis of the 0110 concerts in Belgium
Ivor Gaber Too Much of a Good Thing: The ‘problem’ of political communication in a mass media democracy
Dr. Josè Ramòn Sánchez Galán New Technology in Marketing of Politics and How it Influences in Voters and Candidates: Spain as a case study
Josiane Jouët The Shaping of a New Civic Culture on the Internet
Andrew T. Kenyon and

Tim Marjoribanks

Chilled Journalism? Defamation and public speech in US and Australian law and journalism
Lut Lams Communication and Difference: Divergent Media Narratives about the 2001 US Surveillance Plane Collision with the Chinese Jet Fighter
Judy Burnside Lawry Community Engagement in the Public Sphere: A comparison of ‘participatory communication’ and ‘listening’ models as methods for evaluating symmetrical communication between organisations and their stakeholders
Tim Markham Journalistic Ethics as Field Strategies: A Particular Case of the Possible
Eva Musialowska Political Advertising in Germany and Poland
Amey Patrick and Sébastian Salerno Infotainment Rise and Talk Show’s Evolution on French Television
Ronie Parciak Questioning Terror and the Cinematic Freedom of Desire
Dr. Gregg A. Payne Mass Mediated News and the Free Marketplace of Ideas: Structural impingements on the right to communicate
Josef Trappel Contemporary Democracies Require? The Media for Democracy Monitor (MDM)
Herman Wasserman Telling Stories: South African tabloids and post-apartheid politics

Globalisation and Comparative Studies

Doris Baltruschat Global Media Ecologies: Networked film and TV production and the interactive audience
Annika Bergström A Participating Audience? News commenting and blogging in the Swedish online environment
Bruno Campanella Big Brother On-Line Discussion Communities: Watching the emergence of a new public space
Ben O’Loughlin Media Diplomacy: Measuring impact in the global ‘influence business’
Prof. Felix Ortega Local and Regional Television in Spain, A Social and Economic Promoter, the Case of Castille and León
Gilson Schwartz Digital Emancipation and Local Development in Brazil

Innovation, Governance and Policy

Monica Barbovski Romanian Political Blogs – New loci of expression and participation?
Johannes Bardoel A New Role for the State in Media Governance
Des Freedman Theorising media policy
Valerie Frissen, Noor Huijboom, and  Bas Kotterink The Impact of Web 2.0 on Government and the Public Sector
Joyce Hor-Chung Lau The Narrowing Gap: How Hong Kong media is inching towards the China model
Sonia Livingstone What is the Citizen’s Interest in Communication Regulation? Ofcom’s agenda for ‘Citizens, communications and convergence’
Robin Mansell The Life and Times of The Information Society: A critical review
Dr. Carolina Matos Between Crisis and Cultural Emancipation: Re-evaluating the role of the public media in the digital age
Marc Raboy and Aysha Mawani The UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity and the New Role of the State in Media and Communication Governance
Pieter Verdegem and Pascal Verhoest Profiling the No-User: How can policy initiatives stimulate ICT acceptance based on the ‘relative utility’ approach?
Bridgette Wessels Exploring the Notion of the Europeanization of Public Spheres and Civil Society in Fostering a Culture of Dialogue Through the Concept of ‘Proper Distance’

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